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Balancing Work & Caregiving

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Many employed adults find themselves facing the responsibility of caring for relatives and friends.  Some employed caregivers must make the decision to stop working or reduce hours in order to continue to provide care.  For the vast majority of employed adults who do not have that option here are a few suggestions to consider:

Get all the support you can from community resources. The Family Caregiver Specialist at your Area Agency on Aging can help you identify and access services as well as offer other suggestions not mentioned here.

Ask your human resource department for information on the Federal and State Maine’s Family and Medical Leave Acts.

Find out the company’s policy regarding caregivers and whether there are company benefits or services that could help in your situation.  Many employers provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit to help employees navigate the maze of competing demands.  Ask your employer for information about your EAP and how to access it.

AARP has a wealth of information, tools and tips for caregivers at the “Caregiving Resource Center”.