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Caregiver Support Classes

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Family Caregiver Classes

A caregiver is a family member, friend or neighbor who is an informal provider of care. As a person providing care for an older adult or a person with dementia you are faced with an enormous amount of responsibility and work. Often there are no others there to help you, and you have little time to take care of your own needs. Maine’s Area Agencies on Aging offer family caregiver support programs that offer education, training, support groups and respite for family caregivers of older adults and of people with dementia.

The training programs, called Savvy, are a lifesaver for many caregivers – find out more about the Savvy program by watching this quick video. To find out more about the Caregiver Respite Program, contact your local Area Agency on Aging.  To find a Savvy Training near you click HERE.

Free Training: CARES® Dementia Basics

CARES is a person-centered, easy-to-remember approach to care for any person in any situation and at any level of dementia thinking decline. The CARES® Dementia Basics program provides training on person-centered care, the changes that happen to thinking skills as dementia progresses, how those changes impact behavior, and how to understand behavior as communication. 

CARES stands for: Connect with the Person, Assess Behavior, Respond Appropriately, Evaluate What Works, and Share with Others. Visit mainedirectserviceworker.org for more information and to register.