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Community Services

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Friendly Visitors / Senior Companions / Telephone Reassurance Programs

Several of the Area Agencies on Aging and various community groups sponsor friendly visitors, Senior Companion and/or telephone reassurance programs, in which volunteers make scheduled visits or telephone calls to isolated older adults. 

Gatekeeper/Home Observation Programs

The local electric companies (CMP, Maine Public Service and Bangor Hydro) and the U.S. Postal Service offer gatekeeper/home observation programs, in which meter readers and mail carriers are trained to notice anything unusual or any indication of need and report it to the local Area Agency on Aging for investigation and action. 

Shopping Assistance Service

Some community agencies offer a grocery shopping assistance service for older adults who are homebound.  Volunteers get the shopping list from the senior via the telephone and shop for and deliver the groceries.

Call the ADRC to find out if there is a Community Service in your area that can help make caregiving easier.  1 (877) 353-3771