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Long Distance Caregiving

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There are a number of things one can do to stay involved as a caregiver, even over a long distance.  The first step is to be well informed concerning the person’s needs and the resources available in their community. Here are some tips:

  • The older adult’s friends, neighbors, apartment or residential living manager, doctor and/or other family members can be important contacts for long distance caregiving.
  • If the older adult lives in another state call the local Maine Area Agency on Aging or the Elder Care Locator at 1-800-667-1116 or go to  www.eldercare.gov to identify the AAA in that state.
  • A Geriatric Care Manager may be helpful when planning and providing care long distance. A list of certified care managers, by area, is available at www.caremanager.org
  • The “Handbook for Long Distance Caregivers” is one of many valuable resources for long distance caregivers. To download a copy, visit the Family Caregiver Alliance website – https://caregiver.org/
  • “So Far Away” is a booklet for long distance caregivers, put out by the National Institute on Aging. www.nia.nih.gov