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Medicare Counseling

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Need help understanding your Medicare and health insurance options?

If you have Medicare insurance, or expect to have it soon, you may have questions or need help to understand your Medicare benefits.  Maine's five Area Agencies on Aging have highly-skilled Medicare staff and volunteers who can help you navigate the many choices available in your area.  You can also learn about programs in Maine that help lower the cost of prescription drugs and other out-of-pocket medical expenses. SHIP services are free, confidential and available to older people and people who have Medicare because of a disability. SHIP Counselors do not sell insurance or recommend policies.Our trained health insurance counselors are available to assist by phone, by appointment at our offices and at many locations throughout the State. 

Welcome to Medicare Seminars

Welcome to Medicare Seminars offer participants valuable information presented in plain and understandable language. These seminars will cover all of the important basics you need to know as well as options that may be useful as you make your enrollment decisions. Pre-registration is required.

One-on-One Medicare Appointments

One-on-one health insurance counseling appointments can be scheduled after you have attended a Welcome to Medicare Seminar or if you need to change your plan. These appointments will pair you with a trained State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) counselor who is either a staff member or a highly-trained volunteer. All counselors are highly-skilled and trained to provide support and assistance to Medicare beneficiaries in understanding their plan choices. All Medicare beneficiaries are encouraged to review their plans yearly.

Call the ADRC to find out more about Medicare counseling services in your area at 1-877-353-3771.

SHIP services:

  • Provide information and answer your questions about Medicare, Medicare Advantage, MaineCare, Medigap and other programs and benefits that supplement Medicare.

  • Give you information about preventive health benefits paid by Medicare.

  • Help you understand the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Medicare Part D) and your options in Maine.

  • Answer questions and help to follow up on your concerns about medical bills, insurance claims, and Medicare notices.

  • Give comparison information about Medicare supplemental policies and plans to help you make a choice.

  • Meet with you by telephone or in-person to review national and state-specific programs, including prescription drug discount programs, to help you reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses.

  • Help you to enroll in Medicare Savings Programs.

  • Refer and help you to connect to other local, state and federal agencies, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (the federal Medicare Agency), Social Security Administration and the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Provide you with written materials, support and follow up.

  • Talk to you about your rights and options for appeals and quality of care in Medicare and MaineCare.

  • Teach you how to detect and report errors, abuse and fraud in Medicare and MaineCare.

  • Make presentations to groups in your community to give updates and help people get the most out of their Medicare and MaineCare benefits.