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Money Minders

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Money Minders is a statewide money management program run out of all of Maine's Area Agencies on Aging.  The Money Minders Program assists older adults and disabled persons who can no longer physically pay their bills, who have never managed their own money before, who are having difficulty creating a budget. 

Money Minders matches well-trained, highly skilled, insured volunteers with clients who need help getting their monthly bills paid in a timely and accurate manner. Volunteers help sort mail, create a basic budget, prepare (but not sign) checks, and balance the check register to the bank statement. Money Minders can help you stay on top of your bills and bring peace of mind to the program participant.

Money Minders is a FREE service for people 55 and older who meet program guidelines of low/moderate income and assets. Donations to support the program are always welcomed.

Since Money Minders volunteers do not exercise any control over client funds, program participants must have the ability to direct the volunteer’s work.

To learn more participating in the Money Minders Program OR to become a Money Minders Volunteer, call 1-877-353-3771