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Moving from Marketplace to Medicare

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If you’re turning 65 and have a Marketplace plan, you should call 1-877-353-3771 to find out how to change to Medicare and what can happen if you don’t.  Here are some important facts:

·       You can keep your Marketplace policy until your Medicare starts.  You can cancel the Marketplace policy without penalty.

·       You can sign up for Medicare 3 months before and 3 months after you turn 65.  If you don’t sign up, you may find yourself without affordable health coverage.

·       When you turn 65, you can keep your Marketplace plan, but you may have to pay full price for it.   Any tax credit or subsidy you get to help pay for your Marketplace policy will end when your Medicare Part A starts.

·       If you can get free Medicare Part A and you enroll in Medicare, the law does not allow you to keep getting help paying for your Marketplace policy.  If you do nothing and keep getting help paying for the Marketplace policy, you may have to pay the money back.

To avoid losing affordable health coverage and having to pay penalties, or if you’re already have a problem because you didn’t switch, contact your local area agency on aging at 877-353-3771to get advice you can trust on this issue.